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Coffee and Conversation - September 17th 2022


I would like to thank everyone who asked questions and followed along with this week's Coffee and Conversation!

I hope to see more out next Saturday for some coffee and conversation! Send in your questions through email to or to my Facebook at Tim Lobzun for Mayor of Ingersoll and we will start at 9 AM!

This week we talked about the following:

  • Housekeeping-Door Hangers- Campaign and Sign Updates (00:00 - 1:40)

  • Downtown direction - "If you had a magic wand, what would you do to make the downtown better or your store better?" (1:41 - 7:41)

  • Question from Chat: "Do you know our population age demographics" (7:45 - 9:20)

  • Question from Chat: "I was talking to some Zorra councillors the other night and they said the relationship with Ingersoll wasn't very good. How would you go about fixing relationships with other municipalities?" (9:24 - 12:02)

  • Question from Chat: "Parking is an issue. I had three customers get tickets last week because they were too close to the line or their bumper was over the line." (12:02 - 13:15)

  • Town positions (13:17 - 15:32)

  • Question from Chat: "I miss the festivals we used to have Cantebury and Harvest will something like that come back? have a little fair, is this possible?"(18:22 - 20:06)

  • Question from Chat: "can you explain the justification for frequent street sweeping and elaborate floral arrangements? (20:20 - 21:58)

  • Question from Chat: "How many jobs will be created at DOT Canada?" (22:06- 22:55)

  • Final statement (23:08- 26:36


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