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Coffee and Conversation- Saturday September 10th, 2022


I would like to thank everyone who submitted questions and followed along with this week's Coffee and Conversation!

I hope to see more out next Saturday for some coffee and conversation! Send in your questions through email to or to my Facebook at Tim Lobzun for Mayor of Ingersoll and we will start at 9 AM!

This week we talked about the following:

  • Introduction- Door Hangers- Campaign and Sign Updates (00:00 - 1:40)

  • Dot Foods Grand Opening (1:41 - 4:30)

  • STITCH Supper Club (4:43 - 5:40)

  • Experience - Why aren't you running for council? (5:50 - 10:44)

  • Young Folks (10:47- 16:28)

  • As a Mayor wanting to be elected as we are going into an Endemic state how as a mayor could you help Ingersoll ease into the Endemic state and what can you use for resources? (16:54- 18:53)

  • Door Hanger Story

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