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Coffee and Conversation - Saturday, August 27th 2022


Join me every Saturday on Facebook Live until Election Day for some coffee and conversation! My Facebook is Tim Lobzun for Mayor of Ingersoll and we will start at 9 AM!

This week we talked about the following:

  • Is it possible to bury powerlines underground? (00:37- 1:19)

  • Do you support working with Zorra and Southwest Oxford to have the quarry lake become a public recreation facility? (1:20 - 2:50)

  • Many things are happening in town but we don't find out until later. What would you do about this? (2:54 - 7:34)

  • What about the Arena? (7:37 - 12:42)

  • Everyone says they are for more housing. What makes you saying more housing different from the others? (12:58 - 18:58)

  • What would you say to a new voter who hasn't voted before and doesn't see any purpose in voting? What can you say to get them to vote and why it is important? (25:13 - 26:35)

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