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My name is Tim Lobzun 

Forty years ago I chose Ingersoll as a place to live and raise a family. Ingersoll has been good to me and my family but it can be better for you and yours!

Ingersoll has been the home base for a managerial career in packaging, food production, and logistics. I have been part of committees and organizations from building a dog park to rebuilding the IOOF building after the 1991 fire.

Although my interest in municipal governance extends to my teenage years, I became active in local politics after the fire downtown.

I have attended or followed every budget session since then and followed each agenda. I ask questions and go looking for solutions.

Yes, I am an active member of our town's Facebook pages but what some people may not see is that I take the time to answer each direct message that comes to my inbox from any person who needs clarification or answers to things happening in our town. I take hours of my own time to make sure there is transparency from our council to you. The success of every municipality relies on the sharing of information and 360-degree feedback.

My platform going forward is to focus on housing, communication, volunteer experience, and value for tax dollars. I believe with positive changes in these areas Ingersoll will excel.

With your vote on October 24th, I promise to be a leader that works with you and for you! I cannot wait to encourage ideas and not jump to the word "no"! I aim to make practical, feasible, and calculated decisions with the support of the town council and the people of Ingersoll!

After all, this election is more than just choosing people for elected seats. It's about who will best represent your voice and goals. 

Let me do that for you!

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Election Day 

Monday, October 24th 2022

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Ingersoll, ON, Canada


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